The Mobile Casino Ethereum FAQ

New to Ethereum and the idea of using virtual currencies at online casinos? You’re not alone. You are about to get a good introduction to the cryptocurrency though, via a few FAQs that are often asked about it. If you want to know anything, chances are the best answers are right here.

What is Ethereum?

Ethereum is one of a huge range of virtual currencies, otherwise known as cryptocurrencies. It is based on the well-known currency Bitcoin, and uses the same technology to create this currency – known as Ether.

What are the advantages of using Ethereum?

Safety, security, and protection of personal information are just three of the perks here. As you might guess, these are all very important to those who use online casinos. You can expect to make deposits and withdraw anything you win very quickly and smoothly, too, and there is little chance of anything going wrong, or of not getting your virtual currency in return.

Why is Ethereum ideal for using at a mobile casino?

Mobile casinos are those accessible by mobile phones and by tablets. Now, while there are numerous ways you can deposit funds into an online casino account, a virtual currency – held in an online wallet – is by far the most secure of them. When you are making a payment while traveling, or while you are around other people, doing so via a cryptocurrency is way safer than many other methods might be.

How many mobile casinos accept Ethereum?

There are plenty – and the great news is more online casinos are adding Ethereum to their payment options all the time. We have the best list of Ethereum mobile casinos right here, so you are closer than you think to getting some answers.

Can anyone use Ethereum?

Yes – all you need is a wallet to keep the virtual currency in. There are several available, and you only need to download the right one for your device. It takes just a short while to set up, and you can then buy Ethereum at an online marketplace to deposit in your wallet. Once you have done that, you are good to go.

Can you still claim introductory casino bonuses if you deposit in Ethereum?

Yes, often you can. Check the welcome bonus information on each individual website to get a fuller picture of what you could claim, and how to claim it. This makes it easy to tell what is on offer.